November 9, 2020

Security and Behavioral Analysis: An Overview

Although prevention is the primary responsibility for protection (as against law enforcement), it is not the sole responsibility-the necessary response should also be taken into consideration since it is not possible to avoid all negative stuff.

Efforts to develop and implement new technology and tactics to tackle the spate of violent acts in the business – active shootings, terrorism, and the like – have centered on predicting who is much more vulnerable to violent acts, what such acts may be, and when and where they growing occur. In the light of what is likely to take place in the field of transportation security (particularly given the success of the programmes developed by EL AL Airlines), consideration was provided to improve the science of behavioural analysis in order to recognize potential problems people at a more widespread level.

It is not the science and techniques involved that are the problem, but only the practicality of comprehensive strategies implementation. Although conduct analyses along with other techniques can be of great benefit to safety operations in addition to conventional security measures, the reasons for this use of advanced techniques are not to avoid all accidents and why sound security systems still have to plan suitable responses:


Noticeable “evil” traits exist in all bad men and women before they perform bad behaviour; bad actions occur in certain places by those who are not inherently or necessarily bad and who, therefore, do not demonstrate / exhibit noticeable “bad” characteristics before committing wrong acts; all people who manifest / show noticeable “bad” traits do not always display bad characters nor do they perceive bad characteristics.


The ability to identify and signal possible bad conduct (especially in the context of active shooter acts) and violence in behavioural science is a tool that is both art and science: science is able to recognize behavioural indicators and what can be recommended, while art constantly applies the methods to certain individuals and situations. This is a method that should be used and continuously perfected and thus rarely ever succeeded if it is relegated to people with other key functions as an auxiliary duty.

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It is promising to use behavioural evaluation as a protection toolkit. But its realization in industry, academic, and trade (“soft goals,” exactly where it is very helpful and necessary) is not fully practical because it depends on the constant attention of “watchers” who can not devote their whole attention to watching in many circumstances.


Protection is mostly a discipline of prevention. It should therefore be moderated by the fact that it is unlikely and never will be 100 % successful, which is why adequate planning for prevention and response during and after major incidents should be part of protective duty. Although law enforcement, emergency services and firefighting are generally called “first respondents,” the fact that the security staff is often the first to detect bad behaviour is sometimes ignored. They should also be fitted with the right equipment and tactics to ensure the control of an incident before the people who definitely deal with the incident appear.

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