December 29, 2020

Is Your Online Marketing Agency Robbing You?

A few days earlier, I encountered a social media marketing firm that called itself “gurus” in internet marketing. When I looked over the Facebook page of one of your customers, I realised they used a profile page instead of a fan page. Not only does it run contrary to Facebook’s declaration of obligations and privileges, it is also very unsuccessful in internet publicity. As a result, I developed this test to let you know if the organisation you hired knows what they do. Check your digital agency’s questions and learn how they can actually work.

Do you have your own Facebook fan page for your agency?


(Not a computer to reply)


(Doesn’t count if the list isn’t)


, i.e. new legislation on Facebook or maybe brand new social networking platform?


(NOT verify the negative observations are immediately deleted)

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18-20 – “A” – Your agency knows how to take advantage of successful strategies for online marketing to promote your company.


Keep them, they’re hard to locate.


15-17 – “B” – Your agency is a little rough around the edges, and you can still easily market your company and talk to your target audience online.


12-14 – “C” – The disparity between a marketing firm and an Internet marketing corporation exists. As your company can do great marketing for your company, it doesn’t mean that you understand how to promote it online correctly.


You may want to think about employing an agency with successful methods of online publicity.


Eleven and under – “F” – The organisation lacks a great deal of information about how you can advertise online. You may want to consider making someone who knows how to make more effective use of social networking or digital marketing.

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Keep in mind that the agency is directly linked to how you are portrayed.


If you don’t really use social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr) to exploit your own small company, how do you think you can use it to promote yours efficiently? If your agency hasn’t done this test well, you can not realise how easily you can use Internet marketing to raise a red flag for you.

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