February 2, 2021

Flying Games Online – Battle Over Berlin

For those who are unaware of the genre, flying games online are a multimedia flash application which gives the user a virtual pilot in the pilot seat of a plane. In some video games, the experience goes a step further to add ammunition and weapons to the online adventure to boost the thrill of some others. This is the case with Fight over Berlin, one of the most used titles ever made online flying gaming.

At the beginning of the last century the battle over Berlin is being fought during World War I. The player is put on a biplane of the period, armed with only a simple weapons. As the game boasts on the introductory screen, this is the pure aerial battle, no planes, no heat, no missiles-looking machines.

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The controls supplied for the aircraft try to look like a real aircraft. To pull up the rear flaps and hit altitude, the user must press the left arrow key. To pull down by pressing the right arrow key, the reverse should take place. The arrow keys up and down will throw you up or probably down, while the comma and period keys on your keyboard activate your arms.

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You must speed up and pull down as this online flying game starts, in order to combat your opponent. The player needs a lot of experience in manoeuvring the plane properly and avoiding hitting. Anyone who has ever flown a big aeroplane would feel very comfortable with the use of controls. The player must concentrate on a strategic plan to attack his defeat and enemy. It will take a while and learn to dominate the aeroplane and navigate around the enemy aircraft. The jet can crash quickly with abrupt turns and steep dives. An energy bar at the bottom of the screen will let the player know who wins and how much control you will have before your aircraft is beaten. The plane of yours will be destroyed and the pilot ejected with a parachute once you have been shot down.


At the end of each game, the player is given the chance to send his score or maybe go back to the main menu to begin his whole adventure again. The power to play a single or two players’ game will be an excellent feature in this game. This helps fans to play against one another online game fans. It also offers an outstanding activity which can be shared with family and friends. There is also the possibility of turning off the music from every game, and then watching the list of high scores from various matches.

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