October 30, 2020

Evaluating Two Men Who Made a Mark in India: Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi

In the BJP paper organizer, I recently read a piece saying that the Congressional party supported dynastic politics. It’s probably funny, because you can’t understand dynastic politics. That only dynasties have governed nations is an undeniable fact. See the house of Windsor, England ‘s top house since 1066, when the conqueror William came to England. All of India’s rulers were Tsar rulers, the Russian Federation, the Maurya, Gupta and Moghul Dynasty. They all had histories of history and dynasties over some of the dynasties.

The problem is not about dynasties, but about ability and this is significant. Let’s look at two young men from the Nehru House who were scionists and see if those men have been good for the country. We are now able to verify these two men’s work with excitement two decades after the death of the elder son of Indira Gandhi.

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Sanjay Gandhi. Sanjay Gandhi. He was suspected by his critics of being another constitutional authority. He was Indira Gandhi’s new son and he was a lively man. Maybe that’s what the opposition was unruly for. He was the very first man to understand that population increase was the problem of India. Thirty-three crores were the Indians at independence, and in the 1970s there were seventy crores. He was the very first leader to accept that India’s death knell was this bloated population.


He therefore adopted measures to help restrain the population. He led all state governments to achieve family planning goals and maybe even in Muslim strong it imposed vasectomy and sterilization as General Secretary of the congress. It was a wonderful thing if he was an extra constitutional authority, because he was in his grip the nerve of India. Unfortunately, in 1981 he died in an aircraft accident and the need for regulation of population control was overwhelmed after him. Will we not give him credit when the Indian population balloon is punctured for that short period? Look at China, the book of Sanjay has taken a leaf off and the most important priority is to implement population control.

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Gandhi Rajiv. He was Sanjay Gandhi’s elder brother and was guided to the Congress Party after his death. He was initially reluctant to get to politics, but later reluctant to do so.


He was the first man with qualities of leadership and he wanted to present India as a standing force. He took action two times that are now like a dream.


a) Maldives interference. At President Gloom ‘s call for an uprising, he directed the Indian military to operate in the Indian Ocean over a distance of more than thousands of miles. When the giant euphuism of the big birds for the IL started seventy-six with Para Troopers under Brigadier’s Bull ‘Balsara, we were all proud that the Indian army showed a global scope. Never before and India has been ranked among countries with remote operating capabilities with this action. People who were informed at that time could be sure that the demonstrations of Indian air and army capability frightened both China and Pakistan.


In two hours after meeting the army chief, he made a big decision.


(b) Sri Lankan interference. There is no doubt that his judgement was incorrect or right. We must see it as an iron determination behind him and the conviction that India was a global power. I was an unforgettable instance of the Indian army’s speech and air power capability in the operation in Sri Lanka. Major-General Harkirat Singh’s Indian military did not allow Rajiv to beat and captured Jaffna and LTTE. India is a worldwide competitor much more importantly.


He was the first and only Indian Premier to project Indian influence out of India. Look at the penny men who followed him like Dev Gowda, IK Gujral and Manmohan Singh, not forgetting Charan Singh, Rao and you’ll see that Rajiv deserves mention as an excellent Indian, who designed the Indian power outside of the country. During his days, heavy weapons such as the Bofors arrived at the army and IL was added to the IAF by seventy six. He saw the Army’s teeth were getting more.


Below was a male who, in the case of dynastic politics, it was fantastic, not dynasty but success. As brilliant example of Indian politics, Sanjay and Rajiv are worthy of mention here.

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