February 10, 2021

Autism and Omega Fatty Acids

You know that omega-fats can improve brain performance and well being, and anyone with autism has a reduced amount of these important omega-fatty agents than those with autism. Autism patients showed a lot of progress in their language and learning abilities following the introduction of Omega fatty acid supplements. However, only a few additives could be digested or perhaps ingested as whole foods into the body. Food that is Whole is easily divided and consumed in the body, because this is precisely the way God wanted us to buy it through the food he gave us.

By eating more, you can get these effective fatty acids


Fatty acid in fish and fish oils “Eicosapentaenoic acid”


Another fatty acid found even in fish and fish oils “Docosahexanoic acid”

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The plants, the green leafy vegetables and the vegetable oil contain “Alpha-Linolenic acid”

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Although God was planning that these essential fats would be obtained, the fruits of us and our vegetables were corrupted by men who modified their genetics with the GMOs, which lost nutrients of God’s intent for us. Even fruits and vegetables that are not genetically engineered are harvested before they are ripened, ripe and gassed, but the real nourishment has lost and we have nothing to work on, so it is difficult almost to obtain the required nutrients, so it’s vital to take supplements to get all the nutrients the male needs, but not all


Home-produced vegetables grown from non-G.M.O. seed require all our nutrients and through consuming they are still capable of receiving the nutrients required in our food, rather than being forced to consume those highly-processed supplements that our bodies will never use. God meant that with natural foodstuffs we were to eat our way to wellness. Experiment feeding the body by whole food to find out if you can see the great difference in the way of humans and Gods.

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